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IT & Tech

I'm crazy about technology and i have colonized my Flipboard account accordingy. Each day starts with a cup of coffee and the newest tech news from around the world served hot.

During my work, studies and hobbies i have learned alot about information technology. I focus primarily on the Mac OS X and iOS - operating systems, but i am also knowledgeable in Linux, Windows and Android.


During my time working as a Computer Service Technician and Sales Representative focusing mainly on Apple products, have i learned quite a bit about the philosophy of creating and delivering a great user experience.

This philosophy can be utilized in both consumer technology, corporate infrastructure and all sorts of development. The end customer just cares that it works, easily, behind the scenes and with minimal effort on their part.


Be it setting up a corporate FTP or IMAP server, securing client-server communication or setting up a web server for that new company website. I'm confident i can do it. And if i don't know how to do something, i definately know where to find out.

Web Design

Web Design and Web Development is my passion.
Straight out.

Most of my free time is used devouring articles and self-learn videos about HTML, CSS and Javascript. In the fall of 2014 i had my first HTML course and have been studying on my own ever since. I know this is what i want to do.


I am fluent in using databases for developing purposes and have had success coding my own small back-ends using both PHP and/or Javascript. In theory i know how to create robust, complicated back-end solutions like Wordpress or Facebook, and i understand the workings behind most services

What i use currently:

  • Javascript
  • Ajax
  • PHP
  • SQL

I would also like to take the time to learn Python and Ruby, and also delve alot deeper into the workings of AngularJS and Node.js


You can create the most robust web service that works fantastically but if the front-end is horrible, no-one will use it.

I like to think of myself as visually talented (wouldn't we all?). Looking at any website i usually get ideas on how to fix it, make it flatter or more minimal. I love the design work of Apple or Google that preach minimalistic design with a focus on the content.

Due to my Photography background i am also fluent in using Adobe Photoshop to create mockups, logos or other graphical elements used frequently on websites or web apps.


Photographing, using studio gear, post-processing. This is all something i love doing. Taking great photos that last a lifetime is a passion of mine, one that i continue to do year-in, year-out.

You can check out some of my photography at